PRODUCTION OF NON-STANDARD ADVERTISING - Reklamos gamyba ir 3D spausdinimas
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After 10 years of practice, the production of non-standard advertising at DUV Ltd has become an everyday occurrence – we have given effect to various advertising ideas that do not fit the standard framework. Therefore, today we can do what others cannot – we always find a production solution to the most complex of projects.


Production of non-standard advertising makes the advertised service or product stand out in the massive information flow. History has shown that the first trademark that reaches conscience gains double the market compared to the second and double that of the third. In general, marketing experts encourage to have at least 10 % of the advertising planned for the company to be created and fulfilled in the form of unconventional projects.


The fact that the production of non-standard advertising production or unconventional exterior advertising which interests and attracts a user is valued most favourably out of all forms of marketing is confirmed by the world marketing practice. We aspire to intrigue and amaze your potential client. Therefore, we create unconventional advertising production according to individual orders.


Non-standard advertising production may be considered to be prints on canvas. Around 60 % of passers-by memorise the company’s logo, image or a slogan if it is printed on a canvas in high quality. And these results show up the same whether the printed image is of a large format or if it is a small symbol representing the company. In the production practice of DUV Ltd, we create moulages of different forms and sizes, e.g. we have made a 2-metre-high moulage of a cup of coffee.


We already have the possibility to create the presentation of a product or a service using 3D visualization. The most important thing to note about 3D is that using this technology in presentations or product showcases will attract exceptional attention.


Got your own idea? We welcome you to share it with the experienced DUV Ltd team of layout designers and designers as well as the production experts for whom non-standard advertising production is almost routine, and they will make your non-standard idea come true from the first step to the last.

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