PRODUCTION OF STANDS - Reklamos gamyba ir 3D spausdinimas
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DUV Ltd stand production goes back to the very beginning of the practice. We produce both interior and exterior stands.

Interior stand production or advertising screens require team members to employ unique solutions. Not all companies can afford or wish to fill up huge exhibitions. That is why the question becomes relevant to both small and medium companies – how to fill a two- or four-square meter space effectively and at a high standard of quality. It isn’t easy to install a stand in a limited space. Especially, if you have a high supply of products or services that must reach the client.

In a busy shopping centre or at an exhibition, interior stands and mounts inform the potential buyers and increase brand awareness. An attractive advertising stand will attract the attention of the clients. One of the ways of advertising that is gaining popularity in Lithuania as we speak is the advertising screens. There are various types made of multifarious materials. DUV Ltd also carries out shelving designs, unique product arrangements in shopping centres, shops, and markets. Therefore, when choosing a stand, mount or an advertising screen, when eager to carry out shelving design or product arrangements, it is recommended that you consult the layout designers and designers of DUV Ltd.


DUV Ltd also produces exterior stands. Exterior (or outdoor) stands, as all outdoor advertising, is one of the oldest and most reliable forms of advertising. Unique products happen due to its precision and reliability. Marketing research shows that outdoor advertising catches the attention of a client or a potential user for around 2-3 seconds. These are enough for the potential client to memorise and lock in the message you are sending. Human subconscious will catch and store the memory of the product you offer or the service you provide until the required moment. And this creates a massive advantage compared to other forms of advertising.


DUV Ltd specialists will help you to select the most reliable advertising solution. And it doesn’t matter if it’s your company’s grandiose project or one of the first steps the company is taking in the advertising world. A quality stand, mount or a screen, even if of a small format, opens endless opportunities to your company, product or service.


“Stand production – DUV Ltd reliability guarantee”

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