PRINT SERVICES - Reklamos gamyba ir 3D spausdinimas
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Print services such as posters, canvases, tents, photo wallpaper, brochures, flyers, and production of menus are the attributes representing our company and the guarantors of success.


The universality of digital print services and an increasing variety of materials used allows for the creation of the highest quality products bypassing non-automated operations. Digital technologies are used in interior advertising production, which creates comfort not only in offices, but also fills up residential houses and flats with warmth and uniqueness of photo wallpapers. Photo wallpapers are photos that are printed on high quality materials. These materials can be resistant to wet cleaning, ripping, sun rays and other environmental effects.


Offset print services are sometimes mistaken for wide format digital printing. Even though both offer limitless possibilities, if you require a big, quick and high-quality distribution of advertisement – offset print services shall prove to be the best advertising solution. Using this method of print advertising, it is possible to print on many kinds of paper – chalk and non-chalk, sticky, calque, textured, offset. The biggest advantages of offset print are the high-quality, big quantities and accurately reproduced colours.


Technologically, the mechanism of the offset paint rationing and transmission is complex and requires high accuracy, compared to other methods of print. Therefore, polygraph products such as flyers, magazines, newspapers, posters, books and other prints are made using this method.


Professionals of the DUV Ltd team help you to select the most appropriate print form for you. In the meanwhile, our designers will create a model that will meet and exceed your expectations. Layout design requires special meticulousness and creativity. Before the layout sees the daylight, our designer goes through four stages of practice: polishing the idea, making the design, giving a presentation of the idea to the client, and finally, executing the project. We take the responsibility for the creation and execution of an entirely individual layout measured to the last tiny element.


„Print services – DUV Ltd precision and uniqueness”

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