MILLING SERVICES - Reklamos gamyba ir 3D spausdinimas
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Together with a growing number of assignments, we have grown our technology as well – we have included an industrial milling router to our advertising production process, and milling services have become our motor. However, the accuracy of handiwork acquired through great experience has not been for nothing – the milling router has not replaced it but added to it instead. We carefully prepare the drawings from which the milling router cuts out various details of accurate sizes and shapes and excellent handiwork brings all of it together, ensuring that all the nooks and crannies have been worked to flawlessness. This combination of human intuition and technological innovation allows us to be the quality benchmark of milling services in Lithuania.


DUV Ltd provides the following milling services:


Wood milling;

Aluminium milling;

Milling of various plastics;

Milling of other materials except metal and glass.


From the perspective of technology, with the help of the most modern technology, we create individual, original and memorable advertising. Very accurate and high-quality milling services completed on CNC router provide the result you want – channel letters that will attract the attention of your client, professional engraving, non-standard furniture, stairs, doors and façades.


The team at DUV Ltd realizes unique project for which the smallest parts are milled from the highest quality materials. Our knowledge, experience and technology all target a new sense of quality.

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