SIGNBOARD PRODUCTION - Reklamos gamyba ir 3D spausdinimas
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Signboard production is part of exterior advertising. No company can do without a signboard or channel letters on the exterior façade of buildings or at the entrance.




Channel letters dress up the façade of a building. They also serve as a long-term advertisement visible to the client at any time of the day. During the channel letter production process, (non-)illuminated channel letters are milled and glued from plastic, organic glass, foam and other materials resistant to the environmental conditions. During the production process, the top of the channel letters is covered in advertising film and the sides are painted with special paint. When required, we also install economical LED lighting. This type of signboard production and technology guarantees an even distribution of light, the uniqueness of the signboard, its longevity and low electricity consumption.


Clients respond similarly to the lightboxes as to the channel letters. Their profile is usually produced from a composite panel glued with PVC. The biggest advantage of a lightbox is that it can be easily adapted to suit both the inside and the outside. There are also numerous types of lightboxes such as standard, non-standard and tilt ones. This kind of signboard production is used to attract the attention of a user.


Illuminated and not illuminated pylons form advertising of an informational nature and are used widely by gas stations and shopping centres. Pylons may consist of two or more advertising panels and they may have additional channel elements.

DUV Ltd carries out all these solutions with youthful enthusiasm. We aspire to make your visions amazing to your business partners, colleagues and clients.

Other advertising products of DUV, UAB (LTD) are reliable and time-tested.

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