OTHER ADVERTISING PRODUCTION - Reklamos gamyba ir 3D spausdinimas
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Other advertising production includes decals for cars and arrangements for shop windows. Shop window arrangements play a part in forming the shop’s image that could become your success guarantor. It is worth noting that recently impulse buying has especially increased and the shopper’s impetus to visit a certain shop depends on the shop window. The right arrangement for a shop window brings together all the small, distinct and thoughtful details. Tasteful and effective result is reached with the right themes and colours, therefore, DUV Ltd advertising production is your best solution.


The arrangement of a shop window is the business card of a company. The rules are simple – we have only once to make a great first impression. And for the impression to be that, it is best to leave it to the professionals who understand the psychology of a buyer and can flawlessly realize the shop window arrangement.


A completely different advertising production and its form is your personal or business car. A mobile commercial space is advertising on wheels. Decals for cars are one of the most economical and reliable methods of advertising. Passers-by will notice even a small company’s logo, inscription or the advertised product on the car wherever you are. Especially because there are more materials happening for decals for cars – apart from the usual stickers we also offer films securing the bodywork and toning films. Glossy or matt stickers are resistant to outside environment conditions and Lithuanian climate that can surprise us with everything, from harsh blizzards to strong showers and the hot midsummer sun.


On top of all that, we also coordinate projects with municipalities. Before producing advertising signboards, stands, public inscriptions and other types of outdoor advertising, according to Lithuanian legislation, we must get permits. In other words, outdoor advertising must be coordinated with the competent institutions. These institutions take in required documents, advertising projects and applications. Municipalities kindly accept local fees which vary annually depending on the councils. The team of DUV Ltd will make the process of permits and advertising project drafting and coordination with municipalities easier and faster.

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